Welcome to RPSIS

Principal’s message

If you always try your best, then you will have to wonder
About what you could have done, if you had summoned all your thunder
And if your best was not as good as you hoped, it would be
You still could say – I gave today all that I had in me!
Few months ago a seed named “R.P.S. International School” was sowed and today I feel honoured & privileged to see it flourishing. Through this endeavour, I felicitate the patrons and the budding scholars of our school family, whose contribution is inevitable in this “TEMPLE OF LEARNING”. The school understands the needs of the dynamically changing society and therefore provides a platform for the children to nurture their talents and flourish with time. The school is equipped with a sincere and dedicated faculty, good infrastructure and the basic facilities needed for imparting quality education. My faith in team work speaks volume of our system which would find room in the galore of rich curricular, academic and the other activities of the school. Thus, with a vision of equipping children with the language of the sun i. e. with knowledge, wisdom and warmth of human relations, I seek blessing of Almighty to help me lead this institution to attain new heights and reach the apex of its laurels.

Our eager children have a real thirst for learning and our excellent staff team are committed and dedicated in ensuring that each and every child achieves. We have high standards and expect the best.

Message from Secretary

At RPS International School, We believe that success should be measured not by grades, but by one’s influence on the world. The willingness and ability to learn, to lead and to serve are what enable a life to be both well-lived and worthwhile. Our purpose is to develop these qualities into our students during their scholastic years with us. At RPS, we aim to provide an education that not only acts as a preparation for life after school, but also recognizes that these years are precious and should be enjoyable, memorable, and transformative. Our future-focused curriculum and outstanding co-curriculum are underpinned by pro-active philanthropic care, which will enable your daughters and sons to flourish at school and long into the future.

Message from Director

The school is governed by RPS Pakardih Foundation. The mission of our school is to provide all students with a high-quality education that enables them to be contributing members of a multi-ethnic, multi-cultural, pluralistic society. We seek to create an environment that achieves equity for all students and ensures that each student is a successful learner, is fully respected, and learns to respect others. The aim of the school is to impart quality education designed for the all-around development of the child. The students will be prepared for their future duties through the careful cultivation of their minds and hearts. Children will be enlightened intellectually morally, socially, professionally, and spiritually. Special emphasis is given to the practice of natural virtues like truthfulness, honesty, politeness, simplicity, self-discipline, and orderliness. Therefore I hope, you will get a helpful and informative impression of RPS International School from this Prospectus. But nothing, of course, can replace a visit to School. Being in the mid of the two towns we are obviously extremely well-connected in terms of public transport. We look forward to your kind cooperation.