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The primary school program focuses on an interdisciplinary approach with an attempt to find connections across domains, helping the learners to see connections along with relating to real life experiences.

Children are constantly engaged in observations, questioning and probing– dwelling deeper into concepts. A conscious effort is made to imbibe the inquiry approach in our curriculum. Using appropriate learning contexts, tools of inquiry, multiple ways of assessing the child’s progress and helping a child to become an independent learner are some of the focus areas are:

  • Mathematics
  • Basics of English, Hindi & Science
  • Language & Literature Teaching
  • Environmental Studies
  • Information Technology

Middle Section

The subjects included in the middle section are:

Three languages, English and Hindi being compulsory and an additional language.

Apart from the languages the other subjects are Social Science, Mathematics, Science, Moral Science, GK, Reasoning and Computer.

Structured lesson plans are prepared to impart the knowledge and application in the subjects. These are supplemented with worksheets, smart boards, presentations and activities such as experiments, dramatization, assignments, projects and a multitude of other knowledge enhancing media.

Personality development, value education and coping peer pressure are stressed upon at this stage.

A lot of emphasis is given to spoken English. Activities to polish their oratory skills are held and children are encouraged to think out of the box and enhance their creative abilities.

IT education and use of technology in education is promoted so as to keep abreast with the latest in technology.

Extra-Curricular Activities

RPSIS believes that our students are the innovators of tomorrow, and we strive to provide school activities that encourage our students and educators alike to practice innovation today. We define innovation as “the act of starting something for the first time in our existing context of work that would add value to our processes. Therefore, we introduce Extra-curricular activities which are the activities, often sports-based, that take place outside of the RPSIS classroom, helping students develop their personalities and physical aptitude. Students who show particular talent in these extra-curricular activities may participate to special programs, which provide additional, intensive training under skilled coaches. Examples of our Extra-curricular activities include:

  • Quiz and Debate
  • Essay Writing
  • Art Competition
  • Music, Dance & Drama
  • Special sports coaching
  • Outdoor Games and Gymnastic
  • Team Building Activities
  • Musical Instruments – Tabla & Keyboard.
  • Karate & Martial Arts
  • SUPW

These activities encourage our students to delve deeper into activities and subject areas that they are passionate about. Across all the innovation, extra-curricular or co-curricular activities, our primary goal is to incite passion and provide a fun way for students to discover and embrace the spirit of relentless learning, inside as well as outside the classroom, so they can identify with different interests, passions and personalities.

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